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Thanks to your contribution, we will launch the Intelligent housing home where, for 3 months, we will educate 18 ( 6 per month) socially and economically productive people in vulnerable conditions who demonstrate a real commitment to create innovative ideas that translate into effective social and business projects. Our mission is to transform their lives and open the doors so that this experience can be recreated many more times.

Our program will provide them with skills in negotiation, public speaking, leadership, entrepreneurship, digital communication, and English. Each of these courses will be based on knowledge and research by the best universities in the world such as Harvard, Michigan, MIT, among others. We are seeking to bring first world knowledge to vulnerable people who would not have access to it due to their current conditions. We call this methodology an inclusive social incubator (ISI).

La Fundación tu Hogar changes the world because it changes the way you see a traditional shelter. We must educate vulnerable people to be future social and business leaders so that with their projects they can help many more.

Change a person’s life so that it changes many more.